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Testimonio sobre Uvision Australia 002

My experience with Uvision has been excellent. I applied with them 2 years ago for my 457 and after 3 months I got it granted. They were very professional with my case and helped me all the time with my documents and helped my company as well. After 2 years with my 457, I decided to apply for my permanent residency (186). I contacted Stefani and Roberto and after answering all my questions and advising me, I decided to apply with them again. They helped me and specially to my company to send the right documents. I am so glad that I applied with them because after just one month I got my Permanent Residency. A big thanks to Stefani and Roberto!


Permanent Residency

Testimonio sobre Uvision Australia 003

Mi Visa fue super rápido, se demoró menos de una semana. Luego aplicamos a la visa de mi marido que también resultó todo bien. Otras agencias no quisieron aceptar nuestro caso por ser mayores de 40 años y creíamos que podría ser dificil la aplicación, pero Stefani de Uvision hizo que el proceso de aplicaición sea muy sencillo ya que hicieron todo por nosotros y mucho más. Muy bueno el servicio de Stefani, Roberto y de todo el equipo de Uvision, muy buen asesoramiento. Gracias a todo el equipo!

Norma Isabel

Subclass 500 Visa & Partner Visa for 4 years


Excelente servicio , muy agradecido por el soporte brindado para la aplicación de la visa lo cual se obtuvieron los resultados esperados , es decir mi viaje a Australia , saludos!!!

Juan Carlos Trinidad Zarate

Subclass 500 Visa - 38 años from Perú

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We would like to say thank you so much Uvision for looking after us with our Partner Visa. Roberto and Zara at Uvision were easy going and friendly from the start. They were realistic and affordable offering us a simple and concise checklist that made compiling our paperwork and documents relatively easy. They were quick to answer any questions and queries making us feel at ease with a very stressful and uncertain process. We started out as a couple and now we are a little family. Our son is nearly 2yrs old now and we have just received notification that Rafael has been granted his Permanent Residence Visa. Thank you so much for all your help and support, we really appreciated. Here's a photo of our very happy family! 

Thank you again!

Rafael, Rebeccah and Santiago

Permanent Residency

Testimonio sobre Uvision Australia de España

My experience with Uvision has been so far excellent. They offer a good and professional service making the visa application process looks easier than it is. Unlike another Agencies, at Uvision they care about your understanding in regards to the process that you are starting. In my case, I wanted to apply for a 457. At the beginning I visit another Agency, but soon I realised that I needed another one as their customer service was very poor. Tired of bad experiences, I asked for a recommendation in a Facebook group and a person told me about her experience with Uvision. Since the very first time I contacted them I felt comfortable with them, it just felt the right choice.

I will highly recommend to anyone who is thinking to get sponsored to contact the Agency with enough time. There are a lot of documents that you need to provide and some of them you will need to request them offshore. I was lucky, because when I moved to Sydney I brought almost everything with me! My 457 visa was not an easy process. Due to the new changes introduced in April 2017, I found myself that the occupation that I was nominated was suddenly removed from the list. When they call me to inform me, far away to focus in the negative, they supported me and they helped me to go through the new list and identify if I could be nominated in another occupation. Luckily, I could! They took care of all the paperwork again and support me in every doubt. And finally one day I received a call to give me the great news that my visa was granted!

My future goals now are applying for the permanent residence. I believe that Australia is one of the best countries in the world and I would like to explore and travel around. And of course, I will contact Uvision Australia to help me with my next process.

Sergio Norte

Work Skilled visa

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Muchas gracias por el trabajo que realizaron en mi proceso, me sentí respaldado y Siempre acompañado por un gran grupo de profesionales,  muchas gracias a ustedes que de verdad se apropiaron de mi proceso y el de mi novia Siempre estando disponibles a cualquier duda, gracias Uvision.

Miguel Rincon

Subclass 500 Student Visa for 2 years

Testimonio sobre Uvision Australia de Colombia

Lo que más me ha gustado de Uvision es su asesoramiento dedicado y su amistosa buena vibra. Mi asesora me atendió tan dedicadamente, que parecía que era la única persona a la que atendía, porque siempre su respuesta fue rápida y dedicada. El servicio fue personalizado y es la forma como Uvision hizo mucho más fácil para mi el proceso de renovación de mi Visa.


Subclass 500 Student Visa for 2 years

Hombre navegando en una ola

I trusted Uvision Australia to include myself in my partner’s 457 visa and I could not be more satisfied with the results, my visa was granted in less than one month! Since the very first moment that I contacted them they were helpful and they guided me through all the paperwork. If I have to highlight one thing of their service, it will be that they were always available to attend my doubts. Anyone who has applied for a visa knows how stressful and even frustrating this process could be, and they were just there answering my million questions and offering me all the support. I would highly recommend Uvision Australia to anyone who is thinking about using their service. Thanks to them I have visa until August 2018 and I can enjoy surfing for a little longer 

Riccardo Recupero

Partner Visa

Turista comiendo helado

Hola! me llamo Sandro, soy Peruano de nacimiento y emigre Australia hace 10 anos. Aproveche la oportunidad a través de una agencia para estudiar Marketing en el 2007 y desde ahí empezó mi aventura en el país de los canguros.

Al mismo tiempo que estudiaba la carrera empecé a trabajar en Aire acondicionado. Durante todo este tiempo obtuve la experiencia en este Trade como Sheetmetal Worker en el área de aire acondicionado. Esto me permitió ver la oportunidad de aplicar a un sponsor con mi compañía. Luego de buscar en diferentes agencias conocí a los chicos de Uvision donde me dieron la confianza emocional y económica para poder aplicar con ellos. Les di la confianza para ser mis representantes legales migratorios y ellos se encargaron de todo.

Luego de 6 meses de espera al final salió positivo el sponsor visa que me dio la alegría y la tranquilidad que buscaba. Estoy muy feliz ahora, viendo el siguiente paso para aplicar a la residencia en un futuro y desde luego con ellos mismos. En todo este proceso pude conocer a la familia Uvision donde vi un gran equipo de trabajo desde la gerencia, Sr. Roberto Uribe que ha sido una gran persona y me ayudo bastante con un buen asesoramiento, experiencia, paciencia y dedicación a su trabajo para poder recopilar todos los documentos necesarios para la aplicación. Constantemente me mantenían informado de lo que sucedía. Y hasta el día de hoy seguimos en contacto para asesorarme o saber cómo sigo.cUvision más que agentes migratorios son un equipo humano que ayuda a las personas. No son como otras agencias que solo les interesa el dinero, se preocupan de sus clientes y les dan la confianza y tranquilidad que es muy importante para estos procesos migratorios. Por ello, les recomiendo Uvision para cualquier persona que necesite cualquier tipo servicio migratorio.

Gracias Uvision

Sando Arce

Sponsor Visa for 4 years

Hombre navegando en una ola
I want to thank the whole Uvision Migration Team for their hard work. I strongly recommend their services.
At the beginning of the process I was really confused and overwhelmed thinking about a lot of documents and bureaucracy. Luckily, since the very first moment, they guided me step by step making the process simple and answering every single question or doubt that crossed my mind.
My sponsorship was granted and I can just be thankful to Roberto Uribe and the whole team who gave me the best support and advice.
If you are looking for an experienced and honest professionals do not hesitate to contact them.

Marcel Radau

Temporary Work skilled visa

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