Bachelor of Fashion & Business

As the fashion industry continues to grow in importance, it requires highly skilled individuals who understand how the fashion industry works. This course places emphasis on the business and commerce at the heart of the fashion industry.

The Bachelor


The Bachelor of Fashion and Business is a unique educational choice in Australia. The degree course is an intensive study of the international fashion business environment and has been developed in partnership with the fashion industry and fashion academics. Their endorsement ensures graduates have business acumen and skills to be readily employed in the world of fashion.


The course is designed to produce graduates with the confidence and skills to create, communicate and more importantly, thrive in the highly competitive fashion business environment.


The course examines how fashion ideas become fashion products and how these concepts reach their consumer. It explores the enterprises and businesses involved in this creative process along with the associated selling and promotion fields of the fashion industry.


Career Opportunities

The unique blend of subjects contained within the Bachelor of Fashion and Business allows its graduates to extend their range of career opportunities within the fashion industry. The course content has been designed with various career paths in mind, ensuring students have a skill that set that will allow them to thrive in board room, the design studio or the fashion retail environment. Graduates can expect to be employed as product developers, merchandisers, retail managers, buyers, stylists, production managers, supply chain and logistics managers, fashion marketers and promoters.


Scholarships - Domestic Students


We are pleased to announce there will be three scholarships available to students wishing to commence the Bachelor of Fashion and Business course at our Sydney campus on March 17th 2014.


Our partner provider offers the following:

  • Maxi Scholarship – 100% of fees in your first year (value $17,200)
  • Midi Scholarship - 50% of fees in your first year (value $8,600)
  • Mini Scholarship - 25% of fees in your first year (value $4,300)

To take part in this program for 2014, applicants need to provide evidence that demonstrates their enthusiasm for the fashion industry.


The application can take the form of fashion portfolio work (including drawings, photographs or collages), a fashion business start-up idea (presented as a proposal or business plan) or a suggestion for a media / marketing event for the fashion industry (presented as a report, magazine article or Power Point).

Students should submit applications for the scholarship program by Monday 17 February, to Roberto Uribe:



By post or in person: Suite 222, 111 Harrington Street THE ROCKS NSW 2000


Winners will be announced Friday 28 February


NOTE that FEE HELP is also available for this Bachelors Degree, please visit our "Financial Support" section or contact us for more information.


Scholarships - International Students


We are pleased to announce there will be a Special Introductory Offer of 50% scholarship awarded to the first 20 students who enrol in March 2014 for the first year or first 8 subjects in the Bachelor of Fashion and Business.


* Scholarship for the second semester is conditional upon a student passing all subjects in their first semester 


Admission Requirements


We can assess admission requirements on a case to case basis. The main admissions requirements for international students is they have scored at least  6.0 on their IELTS test. For domestic students it is important they have completed their high school certificate.




Please CONTACT US to see if you qualify to start your fashion career today. We invite you to study with our highly reputable partner provider as your first step in becoming part of the global fashion industry.

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